Prayer is the most important element of the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival. The spiritual success of the Festival rests on this committee. All across Kansai, prayer cells have been formed to pray for the Festival everyday. It is the conviction of Festival Leadership that without the blessing of God, all human efforts will be in vain (Psalm 127:1).

This is an opportunity for the pastors and leaders to work and pray for the city for a success of the festival. Thousands of laity will experience a genuine revival as they become involved in training classes, prayer fellowship, home visitation and other facets of the Festival. Many others will find a new meaning for life through the Festival meetings. For the success of this festival, constant incessant prayers have been offered to the throne of God day and night by the intercessors of the city.

Please join us wherever you are in prayer, at any time of the day. Let’s all strive to be prayer warriors!  You can also join our weekly prayer meetings at 10:00am every Friday at the Festival Office. 

If you are interested in being a part of the Prayer Team for the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival, click here to “Contact Us”.

Kansai Franklin Graham Festival Office

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