How do we get people to come to the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival?  By encouraging Christians to bring 10 of their friends to the Festival through a 5 step process called Operation Andrew.  The steps are:

1)Begin to pray for one to ten people you know who do not have a relationship with Christ.

2)Build a relationship with them.

3)Invite and bring them to the Festival meetings.

4)Encourage them to commit their lives to Jesus Christ.

5)Follow-up until they are linked to a local church. 

Operation Andrew Cards are available from the Festival Office.  These cards provide an easy to use tool for writing down ten names of those you are praying for and for the church to be praying with you for the names on your list.

In 60 years of ministry through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, statistics have shown that over 80% of those who came forward at the Festival were brought to the festival by a friend.  This is the fruit of Operation Andrew.

Kansai Franklin Graham Festival Office

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