Co-Labor Team


The Co-Labor Team consists of a group of about 150 volunteers who work each night immediately following the Festival and during the days to process the commitment cards of Inquirers (those who come forward at the Festival). Once the counselors have completed filling out the commitment cards, they are handed to card collectors, who then deliver the cards to the Co-Labor Team.

In the Co-Labor Team, statistics are compiled from the cards. They are then sorted

for church Follow-Up. Research is done on any cards missing vital information.  Pastors’ Follow-up Reports are then entered into a database and mailed out to local pastors so Inquirers can be incorporated into the church. A letter from Rev. Graham is also sent to each Inquirer. The Inquirer information is then forwarded on to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for further correspondence and Follow-Up.

The theme of the Co-Labor Team is “Disciples Not Just Decisions.” Data entry, clerical workers, researchers, security volunteers, those with mailing experience, and those with food service skills are needed.

If you would be interested in working with the Co-Labor Team, please contact the Festival Office and ask for a Co-Labor Application and send it to the Festival Office immediately. You can send it to us by mail, fax or through email. This is a unique opportunity for Christians to work together for a rewarding cause.

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