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Kansai Franklin Graham Festival

Each Festival of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) begins and ends with the local church.  The local churches invite the BGEA Team to their city.  The churches provide personnel, from their membership for committees, who assist in preparing, conducting and following up the Festival.  The local churches also have the joy of receiving into their fellowship those who give their lives to Jesus Christ.

The Purpose of the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival is the following:

To mobilize the Christian community of the Kansai region in order to assemble as many people as possible to hear the Gospel that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life; to give opportunity to inquirers to respond to that Gospel and be counseled personally by a trained counselor and referred to a participating church for follow-up and nurture.

To fully understand the objective of the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival it is important to state what it is not.  The Festival is not the following:

  1. 1)Only for Christians – When we gather at Osaka-Jo Hall in October 2010, we want the majority of the people to be non-Christians.

  2. 2)A Big Event – A big event will never change a person’s heart, a church or a city.  An event is only effective as it is related to a larger process.

  3. 3)About filling the venue – We did not come to Osaka to fill Osaka-Jo Hall: we came to touch the city for God.

  4. 4)About a popular personality


To help illustrate the strategy of the Festival, we use an iceberg.  When an iceberg is floating in the water, you only see about 10% of the whole iceberg.  90% of the iceberg is below the surface of the water. 

The same principle is true for the Festival process.  The festival event is only 10% of what we do.  This is called the Proclamation Event

90% of our time and resources is invested in what happens before and after the Festival.  We call this the Preparation and Preservation.

During the months leading up to the Festival, we encourage local churches to participate in two programs that are the essential to the success of the Festival:  Operation Andrew and the Christian Life & Witness Course.

Operation Andrew:

Operation Andrew is a simple five-step program based on the disciple Andrew.  Every time we read about Andrew in the Gospels, he is bringing someone to Jesus (John 1:40-42).  We encourage every believer to actively do the following:

  1. 1)Pray for 10 people they know in their lives who do not know about Jesus.

  2. 2)Build a relationship with them in the months before the Festival.

  3. 3)Invite and bring them to the Kansai Franklin Graham Festival.

  4. 4)Encourage them to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

  5. 5)Follow-up with them after the Festival.

If every Christian in the city would actively participate in Operation Andrew, God will do a great work in the lives of thousands of people at the Festival.

Christian Life & Witness Course:

The Christian Life & Witness Course is a five-week course that is designed to strengthen the believer in their walk with Christ. The course will be held at convenient times and locations across the city.  Every Christian who participates in the Christian Life & Witness Course will:

  1. 1)Understand their identity in Christ,

  2. 2)Understand how they can have a victorious Christian life,

  3. 3)Learn how to share their testimony with others,

  4. 4)Learn how to care for new Christians,

  5. 5)And learn how to lead a small group Bible study.

Developing The Vision: Church Mobilization

The red dot in the figure below signifies the beginning of the Festival process: the Preparation.  The timeline then moves to the right. 

The first thing that begins in any Festival is Prayer.  Dr. Billy Graham was once asked by a young evangelist, “What must I do to have a successful ministry?”  Dr. Graham’s reply was this: “Three things: Pray.  Pray.  And Pray.”  Without prayer, the Festival would never be a success.  Thousands of prayer partners throughout the Kansai region will be enlisted for personal and group prayer.

The next step in the mobilization process is to mobilize the pastors.  If the pastors understand and are excited about the Festival, then they will support it. 

After the pastors are mobilized, we want to mobilize the church leaders. 

Next we mobilize the church congregations to participate in Operation Andrew and the Christian Life & Witness Course. 

About a month before the Festival, we begin to mobilize the secular community through advertising for the Festival. 

After the Festival, we begin the work of follow-up with each person who came forward at the Festival.  We want to ensure the local church is caring for them and helping them to grow in their new faith in Jesus Christ.

Benefits of the Festival:

Every pastor wants to know the benefits of getting involved it the Festival Process.  There are many, but the four main ones are these:

  1. 1)Growth – If a church actively participates in Operation Andrew, they will see growth in the size of their congregation.  When an inquirer comes forward during the invitation at the Festival, they will be asked if they came with a church.  If they did, we will refer them back to the church that brought them for follow-up and nurture.  Statistics have shown that 80-90% of the people who make a decision for Christ at a Festival came to the Festival because someone brought them.  This is Operation Andrew.

  2. 2)Strengthened – A church will be spiritually strengthened through the Christian Life & Witness Course. 

  3. 3)Revival – Because the church is growing in number and being strengthened spiritually, it will experience a revival.  Revival starts with one person being willing to be used by God to effect the life of another.

  4. 4)Unity – We have seen that the churches that get involved in the Festival process become more united than they were before.


Kansai Franklin Graham Festival Office

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